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In this episode, I provide more insights as to why the podcast is on hiatus. I also explore my views on web 3 and blockchain with Keith Corbin, an Engineering and Product leader as well as Executive coach. This special episode is different from prior interview formats as it's more of a dialogue between me and Keith.

After the  last episode aired, I received questions from dedicated listeners who were curious about the podcast hiatus announcement.  I've decided to delve into this with my guest today. This episode explores how my views of Web3 and Blockchain have evolved since I started this podcast. It also sheds some light on why I decided to put things on hold indefinitely. If you want to know what I'm doing next, listen to the very end.

In this episode, I chat with Keith Corbin, an Engineering and Product leader with decades of experience across multiple industries. Keith is also an executive coach with his own practice called Evolution Coaching. Evolution Coaching provides transformational leadership coaching to executives at various levels...so if that's of interest to you, I highly recommend him.

In addition, Keith is a mentor and a friend of mine. I wouldn't be doing this episode with anyone else.

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